Workplace Clutter

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National Survey Reveals Workplace Clutter Tarnishes Professional Image and May Prevent Promotions

Success depends on how you keep track of it. Do you need help?

1. Do you handle the document only one time? 90% of all documents are merely shuffled.

2. Are you looking for that important document 5 minutes before your meeting? The method of tracking file activity. (index a list of categories for your files.)

3. What is the value of your time... time spent looking for that lost file? Companies spend $20.00 on labor to file one document.

4. If you have a huge pile of papers, start at the bottom because those papers have been sitting the longest.

5. Put your files into categories so you can access them easily.

6. Keep an index of all your files on your computer to help you locate where they are in your office and storage.

7. Take 15 minutes at the end of the day to put the working files, books and paperwork away.

Paper retention guidelines : What to save or shred.

  • Immediately shred…credit card offers or unsolicited junk mail that include your name and address
  • Within a year shred…credit card bills and bank statements once you’re payment has cleared and you’ve balanced your checkbook.
  • Non tax related bills, once you know the payment was recorded
  • Paycheck stubs, after you double-checked the income statement or your W-2 tax form
  • Purchase receipts, unless you have a warranty or as proof of purchase for insurance
  • After seven years…..shred tax returns and any supporting documents for the return. The IRS can audit a return for up to six years after it has been filed
  • KEEP…. Annual retirement plan statements.
  • Brokerage statements showing the purchase of securities, until you sold the securities. You’ll need these to calculate your capital gains
  • Estate or legal documents, including your will, existing insurance policies and powers of attorney…

This is merely a guideline, check with your tax professional for advice

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