Do you treat your file cabinet like a storage facility? Are the drawers just stuffed with old trade magazines, bills, receipts, and paper from 2002?  Yes, I said 2002. In this digital age there is no reason to save so much paper. There is some kind of comfort into saving items, whether that’s with paper or things.  There’s nothing wrong with saving some memorabilia, it doesn’t need to be a whole file cabinet.

If you are buying more  containers , baskets, and bins to store your stuff in the office, that is not the solution.

A system for organizing records will not only help you find important documents easily, but will help you from accumulating old outdated papers that just add to the confusion.

If your files are not lean and current, then I can help you develop a system to ensure everything is in place.

Did you know we can help with:

         Having more free time

         Bring relief from your frustration

         Finding a place for your paperwork

    Are you:

         Frustrated and anxious over your desk?

         Wasting time looking for lost items?

         Feel overwhelmed by your stacks of paper?

         Want to de-clutter but don’t know where to start? 

We can Help!

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